About Meggi Byers


Meggi is one of Ottawa’s leading realtors and is part of the city’s exceptionally successful boutique office at Innovation Realty Ltd. A realtor since 1994, she has developed a proven and dynamic marketing approach which has been instrumental in the adoption of real estate trends. Her unparalleled commitment to and communication with clients has earned Meggi a sterling reputation, a number of awards and numerous referrals from clients. She has an ongoing commitment to education and specialty certification. Her knowledge of the market is very thorough and her ‘personal touch’ is so well appreciated and respected that over 92% of her business is the direct result of referrals by and repeat business from satisfied past clients. She has focused on aiming to be the best rather than the ‘biggest volume’ agent.


Meggi is fully qualified to provide any and all sales and marketing services required to ensure that the Sellers and Buyers are represented in the best possible light, and that the sale of the property is conducted in a manner that creates a lasting positive impression with her clients. With this goal in mind, and with an acute awareness of our ability to succeed in that goal, we are prepared to offer a comprehensive service package that will compel the Seller to consider us as the listing representatives for your home. In fact, we are confident that you will consider Meggi for all future transactions once you have seen the real difference she can make. Compensation rates will depend on the degree of marketing and have therefore been omitted from discussion in this proposal.
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